Meghan Markle, a dangerous covert narcissist!

I love it, I’M realky glad to see someone else that sees through markle’s bullshit!.

Tales Of A Con Artist

By definition, Meghan fits the criteria of being a covert narcissist. Narcissist spends their whole life studying the behavior of other people so they can mimic that behavior and hopefully hide what they don’t want to expose themselves. This is also known as ‘mirroring’ or copying just to flatter other people.

The Narc will go all out in mirroring your persona. They will mimic your style of dress. They will become whatever you are. Their end game is to get you hooked.

The number of times Meghan use this ‘mirroring technique’:

PNG imageSame clothes, same posture, same emotion, same look!! OMG!! RUN HARRY RUN!!

megainkateMeghan Markle copying the style of Kate Middleton.


meagainallwhiteMeghan seems to be obsessed with the style of these three royals.

meagainnfmegaincopyMeghan Markle: ‘I want to be like Princess Diana 2.0’

That’s exactly why it’s called mirroring. They reflect back to you what they observe.


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